Quarterre is a transport and product design studio based in the heart of London.
We have created everything from construction toys and consumer products to train interiors and time-trial bikes. Our clients have included some of the largest multinationals and the most exclusive, family-run ateliers.


Daniele Ceccomori, Clive Hartley, Nick Mannion and Jason Povlotsky founded Quarterre in 2010. These four friends have worked with prestigious companies from Bentley and Mercedes Benz to LEGO and Nike. They create refined products with an expert eye for line and proportion, informed by their wealth of experience in product and automotive design.


Clive Hartley Clive Hartley
Clive Hartley
After studying Transport Design at Coventry University, Clive completed a Masters degree in Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art in London. He has worked for Mercedes Benz, Nissan and Porsche Design where he was Design Manager of their Transport Design Studio in Zell am See, Austria. His keen interest in current affairs and contemporary arts and culture ensure that Clive’s design thinking is always able to draw on a broad palette of references.
Dr Daniele Ceccomori
Daniele studied Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and Transport Design at the Art Center College of Design in Vevey, Switzerland and Pasadena, California. He has worked with AKA Design on projects for Ford, Honda, Rolls Royce and Ducati before joining Nissan and Bentley, where he was Head of Product Design. Daniele’s passion for classic Italian design is reflected in his ability to elegantly marry technical challenges with new aesthetic expressions.
Jason PovlotskyJason Povlotsky
Jason Povlotsky
Jason has enjoyed a wide-ranging career with consultancies such as Seymour Powell, PDD, Native Design and OEMs including LEGO, BMW, Renault and Nissan. He has also worked in the entertainment industry, creating CGI models, computer animations and original designs for a number of network TV series. A fluency in digital 3D design is just one facet of Jason’s skill at solving complex design challenges with efficiency, style and innovation.
Nick MannionNick Mannion
Nick Mannion
Following a degree in Transport Design from Coventry University, Nick has worked around the world as a consultant to a number of large OEMs, including LEGO, Nike and Sony. In addition to his extensive experience in product and entertainment design, Nick has also produced his own limited edition collector’s toys: the Supermodified Mod:1 and 2 robots; cult collectables that brilliantly showcase his unique ability to match character and form.


We help companies stand out in the marketplace, through considered design that speaks to people in a language they can understand.


We listen carefully to our clients to understand where they have come from and where they want to go. We know that to create for them, we have to understand their values and ethos.
At Quarterre we have a passion for discovering new things and making the most of our location in the heart of a global city. This rich source of creativity underpins our work.
We know that the work we create must be able to speak for itself. We also know that design plays a vital role in communicating a company’s values to its customers. Story is everything.
Whether it is refining a line or volume, finessing a material finish or understanding just when and where to add those jewel-like details, we know that this craftsmanship is not just the key to standing out from the crowd, it’s the human touch that people relate to.


We’d like to think that we’re a pretty rare breed.

We are experienced automotive designers who are also fascinated by other modes of transport. We understand not only the technical sculpture of car design but also the functional requirements of public transport.


We create designs to use and enjoy.

Design is a celebration of creative thinking. From the ground up, we make sure that all stages of the design process benefit from open minds and cross-functional thinking.


All good design should tell a story.

Our extensive knowledge of the customer journey and touchpoints helps strengthen the designs we execute with confident value propositions that inspire passion and engagement in users.


Creation is a land with no frontiers.

Design is a celebration of creative thinking. From the ground up we make sure that all stages of design benefit from open-minded and cross-functional thinking.


Exploiting our diverse backgrounds, we draw on a broad palette of influences. From bespoke British tailoring, to street art; from the science fiction films of Ridley Scott, to classic Italian product design. Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our work; employing traditional values in the search for solutions to a modern, urban lifestyle.


ARC - 30ft tender
This 30ft tender has been designed with its focus on user experience. The result is a striking contrast between the highly sculptural forms of the lower hull and the more architectural and geometric structure of the upper hull. One reflects the dynamic quality of the yacht on water, whilst the other celebrates the human-centred space design that allows the vessel to adapt easily to a multitude of different activities at different time of the day.
Autonomous Delivery
An L5 autonomous last-mile delivery pod that is also a self-relocating parcel drop-off and pick-up point. In-app real-time assessment of customer’s parcels details allows the pod to map a logistically optimized path and make ad-hoc stopping points. When the pod stops, its architecture changes from that of a vehicle to a stall-like configuration enabling a more user-friendly interface whilst simultaneously becoming a mobile piece of characterful, urban street architecture.
When is a truck cab not a truck cab? Briefed by German automotive seating supplier ISRI to create a neutral environment for them to showcase their new truck seats, we designed an elegant, easy-to-install fabric structure that hinted at the form of a truck cab whilst not resembling any one brand’s vehicles too closely. The translucent sheets allowed for lighting effects to be employed to display the seats to best effect in a context that made sense spatially and showcased ISRI as a modern, design-aware manufacturer.
Boole - Airport
Conceived as a rapid, mass-transport node, this airport is a conceptual space where the practical needs of travel are lightened by a pleasurable and engaging user experience. Passengers are welcomed by an architectural space that celebrates the romance of travel and the grandeur typical of cities around the world. Boole, named after the French word ‘bubble’, is a space that is optimised to handle the most demanding traffic flows. It engages with all the most important qualities of interior spaces; a striking, simple dome allowing 360 degrees of natural light, a calm, natural wooden structure, high ceilings and transparent divisions between spaces help to create a sense of visual entertainment and cathedral-like wonder.
Bentley Adventure Pack
The Bentley Bentayga is the non-plus-ultra expression of suvs. For those seeking to experience adventure in true luxury, the Adventure Pack dresses the vehicle with a styling kit that emphasises the stance whilst respecting and enhancing the original form language. To add to the capabilities of the vehicle, even when static, a canopy has been created to deploy from the roof, creating an elegant and unique sheltered environment at the back of the car. In the desert, under this Bedouin tent, or in the artic, watching the Aurora Borealis; with the Adventure Pack, the Bentayga connects you with dramatic environments in total luxury.
Nissan EV Glider
Designed to celebrate Nissan’s growing range of electrical vehicles, this solar-powered glider concept features wrap-around glazing for increased visibility and a clean, looped, two-tiered wing.
EV Interior
An interior proposal for a small, urban ev that mixes high tech interfaces with natural, understated materials such as bleached wood to create a calming oasis in the city.
Passoni Fidia
Passoni is one of the most exclusive Italian bicycle manufacturers. For nearly thirty years the company has been at the forefront of bicycle frame design, being one of the first brands to work in titanium. Fidia marks the beginning of a new chapter in their story, being made from carbon fibre woven with titanium filament. We were approached to create a modern, yet recognisably Passoni design that showcased this new material whilst staying true to the marque’s minimalist roots. Subtly changing tube sections and a titanium plaque where the top and head tubes meet showcase an elegant and understated design.
What if Post Offices could come to you? What if parcel drop-off and pick-up points were also social hubs? Koinonos is a thought experiment investigating how modern delivery vehicles could evoke the iconography of a city and culture, drawing on the aesthetic of British red post boxes and routemaster buses to become a part of the visual fabric of a city.
LEGO House
LEGO’s flagship brand experience centre in the company’s home town of Billund, Denmark. We developed concepts for the attractions in the different zones of the house, working with LEGO and their partners to create engaging and immersive experiences for kids of all ages. Blending digital and physical play, we created experiences that guided visitors through the interior spaces naturally, allowing children and adults time to play and experiment.
Hunton 55
A new flagship for this classic British poweryacht company. We designed the interior and exterior to this 55-foot yacht, matching Hunton’s heritage of racing performance to an inviting and space-efficient interior. An intelligent combination that makes this yacht the best-in-class for its combination of cruising abilities and useable guests space. Classic design cues such as the wrap-around windscreen and spear-like foredeck are matched with crisp, modern lines to bring the brand back to the forefront of sporting luxury.
A modular, folding seat system designed for autonomous vehicles, FVV allows monovolume interior spaces to be quickly and easily reconfigured, folding up to make space for carrying luggage, rotating to allow friends and family to socialize and with adjustable side bolsters that can be used to provide privacy in ride-sharing scenarios.
REAP Triathlon Bike
A new name in the world of triathlon, the Reap Tri bike represents a radical approach to aerodynamics, completely doing away with the seat tube to create a dramatic silhouette and emphasize its giant-killing performance. We worked closely with leading UK fluid dynamics experts TotalSim, to ensure that the bike’s distinctive aesthetic was maintained whilst delivering measurable performance benefits for athletes.
Wave Seat
A conceptual exploration of future functionalities for automotive seating. The Wave Seat showcases intelligent swivel and reclining mechanisms that allow a multitude of seating configurations. For either business, leisure, rest or social travelling, this two side-by-side seats can be configured to satisfy any seating personalisation to enable greater interaction between passengers or maximum privacy. Fold-out tables in the centre console and under-seat storage complete an elegant, flexible and above all user-centred design.
Overfinch Luggage
Working closely with legendary Italian luxury leather goods manufacturer, Schedoni, we created a collection of four different designs of bag: two sizes of trolley, a briefcase and washbag. The strong, yet simple designs make subtle reference to Overfinch’s signature diamond upholstery and faceted exterior detailing in their panel break-up, stitch lines and silhouettes. Bespoke metalwork featuring the Overfinch ‘Flying O’ on zip-pulls finishes off a refined blend of classic Italian craftsmanship and modern British design.


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DIY Interior Design

We finally got the chance to look at a Citroen Ami in the wild (well, the Rue Bonaparte in Paris) recently. We’ve been intrigued by the service concept behind this vehicle for a while now and even though opinion in the studio here in London is mixed when it comes to the exterior design, we love the pragmatic thinking that has resulted in features such as front and rear symmetrical body panels.

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Less is more

It’s no secret we’re fascinated by micromobility here at Quarterre. There are lots of reasons for this but one of them is the design challenge it represents. By their very nature, most micromobility solutions need to be stripped back and simple. There’s no room to hide behind heavy excess body cladding or soft trim panels. Nine times out of ten, like a Richard Rogers building, the first thing you see is the structure and it is not easy to make this look good whilst keeping an eagle eye on complexity and cost. It has made us often go back and look at classic small cars and how their designers solved these problems, how they ended up creating timeless products despite the incredible limitations they faced.

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Turning Circles – Sustainable Design Thinking

Increasingly, we are being asked by clients how they we can help them to make their businesses greener. What this actually means is changing. A few years ago, material or aerodynamic performance were at the forefront of clients’ minds. Environmental friendliness could be achieved through improved engineering. Green products would stretch our resources further. These days though, the challenges our clients are facing require deeper, more profound changes to not only their products, but also their services and even business models.

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Wither, The Car?

Last autumn, BBC News published a thought-provoking piece on their website called ‘Why you have (probably) already bought your last car’. In it, they made the case that, just as the age of horse-drawn transport effectively ended a mere twenty or so years after the first Model T Ford left the Piquet Avenue plant in Detroit, the next transport revolution could happen a lot faster than we expect. A combination of the promise of the imminent arrival of autonomous cars, simpler and longer-lasting electric vehicles were cited as two of the key drivers (no pun intended) for the extinction of the privately-owned car.

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Fringe Benefits

We’ve been feeling increasingly that right now, we are living through an automotive Cambrian Explosion, a time when an extraordinary number of new types of vehicle are being created. We know that not all of these will survive – the bar to entering the automotive market has long been punishingly high – but even those that perish will more than likely leave a mark, shaping the survivors in ways that we can only begin to imagine right now.

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Reflections on the IAA

The biennial IAA commercial vehicle show in Hannover, Germany is the less glamorous sister of the giant Frankfurt car show. This year, however, the show has been notable for the number of concepts on display. Here are some of our favourites:

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Retro Futurism

We are always interested to see the cars unveiled at Pebble Beach by the big car brands. It’s a singular show in many ways – a celebration of motoring’s past glories that is now the preferred place to showcase its possible futures.

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We have no frontiers

We are based close by two great creative hubs, Our London HQ is near Silicon Roundabout on Old Street by Shoreditch and our Danish studio is in the beautiful town of Kolding, close to the famous Kolding Design School and Southern Denmark University.

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