Re-imagining a classic.

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A mix of:

  • Conceptual thinking
  • Vehicle design
  • Sustainability
  • Functionality

Land-e is an exercise in sustainable design, we asked: how could we treat this classic car in a similar way to architects renovating an historic building? We looked at how classic cars can be reinvented and retrofitted, extending their lifespan and making them just as useful today as they were when they first rolled off the production line.

Remixing a classic tune

We worked our way around the original Defender, testing which elements could be reimagined and which were fundamental to its character. Our challenge was to build off the iconic original whilst acknowledging a new EV powertrain and its attendant functional requirements.

Tread lightly, leave no trace

LAND-e is about harmony with the environment. It's about travelling through landscapes and camping in a respectful and thoughtful way. We want users of Land-e to feel at one with nature. It's a way of escaping the concrete jungle, of taking time to appreciate the natural world.