Championing curiosity.

All cases

A mix of:

  • Furniture design
  • Interaction design
  • Futureproof materials
  • Purposeful design

The purpose of The LEGO Foundation is to open access to ‘Learning Through Play’. Working closely with the in-house team, we were asked to design a range of interactive tables – modules that would inspire imagination, exploration and discovery – all central to a child’s development.

Intuitive by design 

Our aim was to tap into a child’s inquisitive nature. We needed to think like children, engage with our inner playfulness, and create modules that prompted creativity. The station would see them discovering materials in hidden drawers and assembling interlocking shapes; all with little instruction. An onscreen guide provided initial suggestions and enabled them to reflect on their experience.

Making space for play

The modular tables are designed for public spaces, places used by families but often built with adults in mind; museums, galleries and municipal buildings. They are built from machined Corian on a wooden chassis: robust enough for immersive play while adhering to stringent safety standards. 

Quarterre were an energising and inspiring partner. Their instinctive understanding of the value of play and their ability to quickly visualise activities and physical spaces have been a huge help in making learning through play a priority for every child.

Vice President, The Lego Foundation