Enabling play anywhere.

All cases

A mix of:

  • Interaction design
  • Toy design
  • Sustainable materials
  • Social impact

The LEGO Foundation supports children across the world by providing play resources to schools in developing countries. Create With Anything enables children to use discarded materials in play. Our task was to prototype systems and activities for all ages and abilities.

Building connections

As children tinker and problem-solve, they develop valuable skills. Without access to lego, how could they get the same opportunity to create? We were inspired to explore alternative mechanisms of connection; fastener systems that could be made from discarded plastic bottles or stamped out of card; a ‘power motor’ that could be made from a tin can. 

Opening access to play

The foundation’s work with schools is based on scalable educational frameworks, ideas that can be applied in diverse environments. With this in mind, we created tools for teachers, wireframing an app that would serve as a roadmap for age groups and provide downloadable resources. Piloted in Colombia and China, the initiative is set for global reach. 

Quarterre were an energising and inspiring partner. Their instinctive understanding of the value of play and their ability to quickly visualise activities and physical spaces have been a huge help in making learning through play a priority for every child.

Vice President, The Lego Foundation