Precision-engineered luggage.

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A mix of:

  • Iconic brand
  • Luxurious detailing
  • 3D design for manufacture
  • Craftsmanship

The McLaren Speedtail is the ultimate hypercar from a legendary manufacturer. McLaren’s most aerodynamically efficient hypercar ever. For a multidisciplinary team like us, this was the perfect brief. We needed to create functional luggage that would feel like a natural extension of the brand, and fit perfectly into the car’s limited internal space.

Expressing a unique brand

The Speedtail is sleek, luxurious and high-tech. We had the privilege of working with master craftsmen at Schedoni in Modena, Italy, to design luggage that would match this statement of excellence in both engineering and design. Like high-end tailoring, this was about capturing the lines and shapes in flat patterns, while thinking creatively about the architecture and functional details. 

High-tech engineering

Channelling the Speedtail spirit, we combined luxury leather with high-tech composites and unique precision-engineered clasps and fastenings. The popular three-piece luggage set became an on-brand detail that delighted the owners of these exclusive limited edition cars.