A new form for a new age.

All cases

A mix of:

  • Brand evolution
  • New materials
  • Bicycle design
  • Functionality

Even classic brands need to keep pace. When Passoni, the legendary Italian masters of bespoke titanium frames, wanted to create a bike for the 21st century and beyond, they asked us to help them make that leap.

A close collaboration

Evolving a great brand with great care is one of our favourite challenges. It requires us to tap into the product’s DNA so we can evolve the design without losing its essence. For Passoni, that meant a blend of excellence and elegance. To get to the best solution, we worked closely with the in-house team; learning from and challenging each other.

Design is in the details

For the Fidia’s minimalist frame, we married the shock-absorbing comfort of the classic tubing with new sculpted details enabled by a new material: carbon fibre woven with titanium filament. The look was completed with a blade-like name plate in the signature titanium. The result was a lightweight new-era bike that let the industry know this brand was on the pulse.

Quarterre’s thoughtful approach made working with them a pleasure. Together we were able to create a bike that was unmistakably Passoni: a blend of understated elegance and clean functionality.

Executive Chairman, Passoni