Nomadic living reimagined.

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A mix of:

  • Conceptual thinking
  • Future lifestyles
  • Vehicle design
  • Sustainability

This experimental project gave us the chance to lead the conversation around an interesting trend: nomadic living. Most evident in California, professionals have been opting for the freedom and affordability of life on the road. We asked, how could we design for this lifestyle?

Flexible living for the 21st century

We worked in collaboration with Australian futurist, Sally Dominguez to consider the possibilities. Sustainability and flexibility were core principles. RHOME is a vehicle with a detachable sleep-work shell, served by renewable energy and harvested rainwater. The accommodation is expandable with interlocking pods and the external frame invites customisation, allowing for the storage of sports equipment or even planting. 

Environmental and social impact

This project probed at the potential for self-sufficient pop-up living. Our solution could have multiple applications within cities and suburbs as well as more remote locations that lack infrastructure. Units are expected to dock in RHOME communities with shared eating and working spaces. RHOME is designed to be made sustainably and affordably, using recycled and carbon-positive materials, like cork, and single-curve panelling that can be easily manufactured.