To every project we bring:

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Rich context.

A meeting of minds

Quarterre is a partnership. A magic formula of four directors, plus a team of diverse minds, comparing notes and sharing ideas. Building on each other’s expertise across product, place and play. Crossing boundaries, exploring new angles and uncovering exciting, unexpected answers.

Extreme curiosity

Context is everything. So we dive deeper to understand your brand’s place in the world. Getting to grips with its cultural fit through relentless questioning. Reading between the lines. Figuring out where you need to go and the best way to get you there.

Global outlook

It’s a big, beautiful world that we take our inspiration from. Widely travelled, and having worked and studied in Austria, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the USA, we bring an international flavour to our work. Our clients come from all four corners and all sectors.

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Fresh eyes.

Turning things on their heads

A fresh perspective makes all the difference. We look beyond the obvious and blow away the cobwebs of constricted thinking. Making a path for innovation and disruption. Unearthing opportunities for positive change. Seeing the wood, the trees and the future saplings.

Licence to play

For us, playtime is serious business. Bouncing ideas around. Having fun. Saying, “I’ve no idea where we’re going with this, but let’s go there anyway”. It’s liberating. It frees everyone up to think beyond the obvious and leaves space for experimentation and unforeseen discoveries.

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Meaningful stories.

The human journey

‘People, not things’ is our rallying cry. Solving real problems for real people, in the real world. Using design thinking and smart technology to make lives better. Putting people, place and purpose before everything else. Creating a healthier, happier world.


Rigorous and persistent, our thinking goes deeper – taking our imaginations above and beyond. Joining dots, making connections and solving puzzles. Helping you to navigate your next step and laying out a clear roadmap for the future.

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World-shaking potential

Want to change the world? So do we – through ideas, collaboration and design. We believe that together, we can shape our future, bring about social change and make the world a happier place. A lofty ideal perhaps, but that’s what keeps driving us on to bigger, better things.